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Ways to Create a More Peaceful Home

*article from Health Magazine

1. Cut the Clutter

Keep items that bring forth good memories or that make you smile, but get rid of all the unnecessary little knick-knacks that just bring stressful thoughts or that overwhelm your senses.

2. Use Cool Colors

Instead of painting your walls dark red or a sunshine yellow, go for light blues and greens. While the warmer colors press in on your vision, keeping your mind active and stressed, the cooler colors will help to calm your thoughts and bring feelings of peace.

3. Embrace Space

A stuffed room can make you feel tense, so make sure you leave at least 2 1/2 feet of walking space around furniture.

4. Invite Nature Indoors

Open your curtains and let some natural light indoors. Invest in a few houseplants that bring some natural colors and life into the room. These will bring a feeling of new life, growth, and fresh air  into the room.

5. Balance It Out

For each harsh surface or material (think glass, metal, or plastic), balance it out with a soft material (like fabric, wood, and cushions) to keep the room from feeling harsh or uninviting. Soft materials bring a feeling of comfort into a room, while the harsher materials provide a sense of stability.