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Must-Have Gadget Gifts

Black Friday is only a week away, kicking off the official holiday shopping season this year. If you’re still looking for gift ideas for those hard-to-shop for loved ones, here are a few more items to consider. Huffington Post compiled a list of some must-have gadgets to keep an eye on.
1. The Tile App (~$20) 
The Tile is a blue-tooth enabled device that looks like a small, square tile and attaches to any item (such as a phone or a purse). The Tile can sync up to an app on any iPhone or iPad and enables a GPS-tracking feature that can help you find your valuable if it is ever lost or stolen.

2. Touchscreen-Friendly Gloves (~$75)
We’ve all dealt with the discomfort of cold hands for the sake of using our touch-screen devices, but now we don’t have to! These gloves conductive fingertips allow us to keep our hands warm while we use our touch-screens this winter.

3. Unbreakable iPhone Screen Protector (~$25)
The Rhino Shield is a slim, transparent screen protector that can handle five times as much punishment as the leading screen protectors on the market.

4. Candy-Colored Power Tube (~$40)

This lightweight and portable tube provides and easy way for you  to charge your electronics on the go. Comes in multiple colors!

5. Q Card Case (~$40)

The Q Card Case is a slim wallet that doubles as a phone cover, so you can keep your cards, money, and phone all in one place.