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Wellness Roundup: Are You Prepared?

Happy Fall to all! As we approach the winter months, have you familiarized yourself with the precautions to take and protocols to follow in emergency situations? How about routine wellness steps you should be taking to prevent those emergencies? Not to worry, we’re here to help. First, be sure to …

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News From Your In Home Care Agency

Family Best Care – Caring Like Family What Can You Do To Be Ready For Winter. Happy October! As we prepare to enter the colder months, the time is ripe to analyze your readiness for weathering a safe and effective winter season. While unlikely, we should all be ready to …

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Maintaining Adaptability And Its Many Advantages

​We are very flexible when working with a client, and understand that things do not always go as planned.  In these situations, we remain calm and make sure to reassure our clients that we are able to adjust the day accordingly.  We have learned that patience and flexibility are qualities …

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How We Ensure Our First Visit Is A Success

Before we arrive at a new client’s home, we familiarize ourselves with their care plan and specific needs. While at the home, we ensure that no adjustments need to be made to the requests or care plan.  In the event that they do, we update our care coordinators immediately upon …

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How Our Caregivers Make A Difference

​Our caregivers are extremely patient by nature, bolstering high creativity and the initiative to take on a variety of tasks. These traits, combined with their passion for caring for others render them exceptional candidates for caregivers. ​ Our goal at Family Best Care goal is to create a safe and enjoyable …

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How to Spot the Family Best Care Difference

It’s easy to tell good care from bad, but it’s not always as easy to discern what distinguishes great care from good. Do you know how to spot the difference? Here are a few things to consider: First, ask yourself whether your needs are met. Simple, to be sure, but …

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Who is the Family Best Care Client?

We can’t believe that we are nearing the halfway point of 2021! As we all reevaluate our needs and priorities, you may be wondering whether our services are right for you. Did you know that Family Best Care offers a wide range of assistance for a variety of customers? It’s …

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