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How We Ensure Our First Visit Is A Success

Before we arrive at a new client’s home, we familiarize ourselves with their care plan and specific needs. While at the home, we ensure that no adjustments need to be made to the requests or care plan.  In the event that they do, we update our care coordinators immediately upon leaving the home.  ​

We also utilize that first meeting to better understand our client’s personality and preferences. For example, do they like someone who is quiet or someone they can hold a conversation with throughout the day? Do they want someone to be close by or someone who gives them space? Everyone is different, and no situation warrants the exact same measures discretely. Then, once they are settled safely we step back and keep a close eye without being obvious.  ​

Most of all, we listen and ask questions only to clarify their needs. In doing this we can connect with them on an individual basis. Here’s how we look at it: if we are going to be with our clients for a good part of the day it is of the utmost importance that they feel safe and well cared for.