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Three Myths About MS



Myth #1: MS Causes Death

Most people seem to believe that getting an MS diagnosis is a death sentence. This is not the case. While there is no cure to MS, those who have it tend to have normal lifespans. Only a small percentage of cases have MS symptoms severe enough to cause complications that could lead to premature death.


Myth #2: All MS is the Same

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. No two cases of MS is exactly alike, and even within the same individual MS can change and evolve in unexpected ways overtime. There is no set timeline for symptoms, and no guaranteed treatments. Some MS patients may only ever experience light numbness from time to time, while other patients may experience debilitating symptoms such as immobility or loss of vision.


Myth #3: MS is Genetic

There doesn’t seem to be a known cause to MS – only hypotheses as to the leading factors behind it. It does seem, however, that those who have a family member with MS are 10x more likely to develop MS themselves, though at the moment it appears that environmental/chemical factors are the more likely suspect.