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Picking The Right Caregiver

caregiverAs you make a wise decision to pick the right caregiver for your loved one, you notice the process to understand your caregiver. The priorities of your loved ones care is your top priority. In most cases they may have experience that is similar to your loved one but that does not make them the expert in your loved ones care. Let the professionals or family members walk them in the list of priorities

  1. Have a plan for the caregiver in place. This will give the caregiver a sense of direction on the things they need to do.
  2. Have all medication ordered, clean and precise. I suggest having a med set that is checked weekly or monthly depending on the number of medications & on-going diagnoses
  3. Have all needed supplies in place. If you are able to purchase the supplies in bulk, that may be the way to go!  When you have a new caregiver make clear arrangements on when&who will make the supply purchase. If your caregiver is a lives with our loved one a gift-card has proven to be a better way for the caregiver to make purchases, keep the receipts and you can always track the balance online.

Most supplies include:. 

  • Depends-if your loved one has that option
  • Hospital reclinable bed (if needed) Check with your physician if this an option for you
  • Gloves 🙂
  • Towels and personal items