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Things to seriously consider when choosing a home care company

Selecting the right caregiver
Response time
When you place a call for our services we believe you shouldn’t be left in the dark waiting to make arrangements to speak to us. This is why Family Best Care offer same-day appointments and can even come to you! We can also arrange for a caregiver in your home the very next day.
At Family Best Care we aim to treat your family like our own so we listen to your needs and work hard to place the right caregiver in your home by profiling our caregivers personalities and match making them with yours we can find a perfect match. We like to build a relationship and understand exactly who will be the best fit. Caregivers can be trained, but we add integrity and heart when placing our caregivers with your family.
Forecasting the cost
We at Family Best Care know the importance of making sure that prices are transparent from the very start so that you can plan with a clear outlook for long term.
Family Best Care offers a FREE assessment. Our options vary in price and include In-home personal care, Platinum Care, Senior Service for things like dementia care and end-of-life care, Household Assistance and even New Mom Care.
Consistency and Dependability
This is paramount and we want you to know that at Family Best Care you can rely on us to be there whenever you need someone3. We really are Family Best Care.
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