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Caring is loving

caring is loving
Caring for a family member is arguably the ultimate act of love. However, it can be a round the clock responsibility; physically draining and emotionally demanding, but so many of us do it out of love, duty or responsibility.
Being a care-giver can trigger changes in family relationships. You might be caring for a parent, where roles have reversed completely. Treating a parent like a child in terms of care can be devastating, and it is important not to become overly controlling or make them feel useless.
It is very common to feel a sense of loss. A relationship that once involved traveling together, sleeping together and partying together, changes totally. Managing the loss is important, and changes must be made. Reading together, talking, playing games to keep minds active suddenly become the norm.
Don’t worry, there is help!
At Family Best Care, we understand that dignity, compassion and trust are vital when professional help is needed. We know that you want to care for your family member, but sometimes need a little help, or even some respite to re-charge your batteries and have a rest. We have a range of services to help you, the carer, and your relative.
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