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The Role of Healthy Meals in Balanced Care

Our goal at Family Best Care is to see that clients have joy and happiness in their lives each day, despite what challenges they may be facing at the time. A place of much joy in our is food.

As our clients appetite changes, we seek to combine the joy of life through the joy of food with health and vitality. For this reason, we work with our clients health care team to ensure that they’re getting the foods the need and enjoying it!

No place in the diet does this become more important than with the sweet tooth. Satisfying a sweet tooth cravings can be an important part of happiness! But that doesn’t need to mean you’re eating unhealthily. We look to the sweetness that nature offers – fruit being our favorite choice – to help our clients satisfy their cravings. By focusing on ingredients that are healthy, organic, and in the right portion we create a win-win for the health care team and the client!