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The GREAT Benefits of Hiking


Summers screams adventure, and being outdoors. A great and healthy way to stay active this summer is to go hiking. Here are some GREAT benefits of hiking.


Hiking is tremendous for your overall health.  Such aerobic exercise is known to improve your cardiovascular health, lower the risk of coronary heart disease, and reduce depression. Hiking aids in muscular fitness and ensures better sleep quality.  Hiking is not only beneficial for adults but also carries many benefits for children such as better bone health and, a lesser chance of becoming overweight.


Hiking beats going to the gym, it is something the whole family can do and its outdoors. How much activity do you need to get these health benefits? Experts say getting active for just 150 minutes a week doing “moderate-intensity” aerobic exercise such as moderate hiking or brisk walking leads to most of these benefits.  150 minutes? That’s only 2 ½ hours a week!


Hiking is a perfect activity for the whole family this summer, Family Best Care wishes you a very long, happy, and active summer!