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When To Pick Up The Phone And Talk To An In-home Care Specialist


Deciding when to talk to a professional about in-home care for an elderly or ailing loved one can be difficult. While some people like to discuss options well before any assistance is needed, most individuals wait until the need for help is clear. If your loved one displays any of the following traits, it’s time to pick up the phone and talk to an in-home care specialist.

1. Your loved one has unexplained injuries or falls frequently.
2. Health issues are becoming increasingly problematic.
3. Your family member has a major shift in personality. This can indicate underlying mental health issues.
4. Their home is extremely messy. This may mean they are having difficulty completing basic daily tasks.
5. Your loved one is making increased demands on your time and you know you will not be able to fully support their needs.

While the decision to bring in a home care specialist can be difficult and stressful, the assistance they provide is often a godsend for family members that are struggling to maintain the level of care needed by their loved one. If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, please reach out for help. Family Best Care is here to provide care and support.