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Making Plans During Uncertain Times

Can you believe that March is already upon us? It’s true, friends. Time does not pass more slowly just because we need it to, nor does it get easier to transition through the seasons.  As we prepare to bid farewell to the first quarter of 2021, so many questions remain unanswered:

What is the lasting legacy and consequence of COVID-19?

How will we adapt and ensure that those we care most about remain safe and provided for?

Who can we rely on to help us?

First, what we know for sure at this point is that we have been changed in ways that can never be undone. This new way of life will likely be with us to some degree in perpetuity.  Heightened awareness of cleanliness and the added value of knowing your loved ones are in capable, well-trained hands, will continue to be a matter of life or death.

As for adaptation, you must trust in the same failsafe teams you always have. Family Best Care has never let you down yet, and rest assured you can trust us to maintain this level of service relentlessly.  Let our assured, consistent efforts be the peace of mind you need to focus on yourself rather than devoting fear and energy to worrying about your most treasured family members or friends.

You have relied on us before,  now all you need do is rely on us again. Contact us today at or (425) 647-8510 to discuss the next steps for your needs!