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How To Make Changes Stick




Happy new year everyone! We are now a couple of weeks into 2014 if you can believe it—how are your resolutions holding up? Whether you are still going strong, or are already flagging, here are some tips to get back in gear and be successful.


1. Don’t Go It Alone

If your new goal is to get in shape—get a friend to be your workout buddy. If you’re looking to be more punctual, make sure you have a support system to keep you on track. Whatever your goal is, make sure you share it with your friends and family—they might like to join you, or have some helpful tips that you can use.


2. Don’t Take On Too Much

Maybe you made several resolutions this year. While making positive changes in your life has no limit, taking on too much at once could sabotage all of your goals. Try taking on one goal at a time, then wait until you’ve successfully reached it before taking on another.


3. Expect To Slip Up

Making a mistake, forgetting your changes, succumbing to temptation – none of these make you a failure. When breaking a bad habit, and especially when building a new one, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to have that slice of cake, you’re going to have days where you just don’t feel like working out, or cleaning, or really doing anything. The key to success is to accept that these mistakes happen and continue on with your goal, rather than declaring defeat and giving up altogether.


4. Use Rewards As Motivation

Don’t just reward yourself once you’ve reached your big goal, reward yourself throughout the process to keep yourself excited and motivated. Set smaller goals within that large one, and rewards yourself when these little milestones are reached.


5. Don’t Give Up

Creating a habit can take anywhere from 3-10 weeks. Stick with your goal and you will be able to make a positive and lasting lifestyle change.