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Portrait of an extended family with their pet dog sitting at the park


When our parents are aging, most of us children tend to go into a period of denial. This can be denial about their lifestyle or living situation, or it can be about their overall health. Maybe mom and dad aren’t caring for themselves as well as they should be, or perhaps their overall health has deteriorated in the recent years. As children it is hard to see our parents as people who need care, rather than people who provide care.

It may even take a while to notice as your family outings become less frequent, or you visits become more caretaking and less relaxing. Your mom starts forgetting conversations you had the last week, or dad is experiencing joint pains. When you watch these changes gradually it is difficult to think anything of it, and often takes a big event to serve as a wakeup call. One day grandma doesn’t remember her grandson’s name, or dad has a bad fall and ends up in the hospital. Suddenly it can become an overwhelming process of realization and reaction – you start worrying constantly about your parents’ health, and start taking shifts as a family to visit and care for them. Your parents’ health is now a huge part of your thinking and family planning.

This is where Family Best Care strives to interrupt the cycle of stress – the earlier we can start helping your family the better! With one phone call you can speak to an actual manager of Family Best Care and receive the information you are looking for. We offer same-day appointments (we will come to you!) and can have a caregiver in your home the very next day. At Family Best Care our goal is to treat your family like our own, and reduce the stress of caring for your ailing loved ones.

Let us be the caretakers so that you can continue to enjoy your time with your entire family.