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Familiarity of Home for Seniors

familiarity of home

When it comes time to considering living options for our loved ones, we believe staying at home should be given top priority. Our homes are where our lives take place and as we get older, this sense of familiarity brings comfort, having a positive impact on relationships, health and finances.

When seniors stay home, their relationships with the people they know can remain strong. They still have the opportunity to see friends and family who live nearby. While the familiar surroundings encourage them to take their daily walks. Stopping and chatting with friendly neighbors brings cheer to their day. Staying home also allows them to be more selective with their choice in care givers, only working with whom they are most comfortable.

Selective care and familiar surroundings foster great health benefits. For many, the loss of loved ones, health and mobility is enough to bear. Being removed from the home can result in negative side effects. The confidence of knowing they’re able to stay home, gives them strength to remain independent When surroundings change, those with memory loss can experience intensified confusion which leads to dependence on others and ultimately frustration. Studies are beginning to show that those who stay in their own home are living longer, happier final chapters.

Fortunately, staying home can be also the most cost effective long-term care solution. Home care is always customized to fit the needs of each individual so you’re not dependent on the treatment plans available in that facility. You can choose your providers carefully, finding the right amount of care when needed. This allows you to scale your care as needed.

We can all relate to the feeling of being removed from what we know. When the world around you is moving quickly and constantly changing, the comfort of knowing your home can be the strongest tie to staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.