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Exploring The In-Home Care Difference

You may be wondering, “What IS In-home care?  How does it differ from traditional medical care?”

Well, first and foremost, In-home care is not medical care.  Rather, it includes assistance with all activities of daily living (known as ADLs), both those vital and necessary as well as pertinent to social life and happiness.

There are many reasons that people elect to hire an In-home care provider, but here are the most consistent ones that we hear from our clients:

1. Your home is your sanctuary and represents what is familiar and comfortable.  The ease of being able to remain in your trusted, familiar environment is worth its weight in gold.

2. Having a 1-on-1 care provider who is just there for you and only you, to provide emotional support and help with all your needs and unique challenges is absolutely priceless.  The peace of mind provided cannot be compared!

3. In-home care provides a consistency that cannot be matched.  Having an organized agency with systems in place for optimizing care efficiency takes the burden of having to figure out logistics off of your shoulders and simply makes life easier.

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