Making Plans During Uncertain Times

Can you believe that March is already upon us? It’s true, friends. Time does not pass more slowly just because we need it to, nor does it get easier to transition through the seasons.  As we prepare to bid farewell to the first quarter of 2021, so many questions remain unanswered:

What is the lasting legacy and consequence of COVID-19?

How will we adapt and ensure that those we care most about remain safe and provided for?

Who can we rely on to help us?

First, what we know for sure at this point is that we have been changed in ways that can never be undone. This new way of life will likely be with us to some degree in perpetuity.  Heightened awareness of cleanliness and the added value of knowing your loved ones are in capable, well-trained hands, will continue to be a matter of life or death.

As for adaptation, you must trust in the same failsafe teams you always have. Family Best Care has never let you down yet, and rest assured you can trust us to maintain this level of service relentlessly.  Let our assured, consistent efforts be the peace of mind you need to focus on yourself rather than devoting fear and energy to worrying about your most treasured family members or friends.

You have relied on us before,  now all you need do is rely on us again. Contact us today at [email protected] or (425) 647-8510 to discuss the next steps for your needs!

How Our High-Level Response Time Makes A Difference

Having a caregiver onsite, in the home is not only a supreme convenience it is a logistical advantage.  Our team is ready and willing to assist with all matters with lightning-fast response times, keenly trained to anticipate all needs and address any issues without hesitation.  Consider these possibilities:

Would your loved one be better suited to be tucked away in a random room of a facility during their time of need, or mere footsteps from their personal caregiver, ready and willing to lend a hand?

When unique tasks or needs arise, do you want them added to an ongoing list designated for the entire client population and managed by an impersonal third party? Or would a one-on-one, instant response suit the needs of you and your loved ones better?

Should an emergency situation arise, God forbid, would you prefer to be dependent on whether your loved one happens to be in view of one of many, overworked attendants? Or would a personalized caregiver who is onsite and ready to spring into action immediately provide you vast greater assurance?

Of course, the answer is clear.  Personalized, in-home care with a designated, devoted caregiver offers the ultimate experience and peace of mind.  At Family Best Care, we can attend to your needs better than any impersonalized, overrun facility can. 

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Starting the New Year Off On The Right Foot

Welcome to 2021, friends!  As we embark on this new year we will face challenges, both new and old.  Family Best Care is equipped to help you handle each of these with our professional and thorough services.  Doesn’t now feel like the right time to start reclaiming your time and assuring yourself with the peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving the most substantial care they can?

Think of all that our teams can do.  Beyond the standard and vast list of professional services that we provide, think of the value of having a detailed and caring provider assisting you or your loved one in the comfort of their own home.  Can you put a price on such merits?  Perhaps not, but even still we think you will find that our is both manageable and competitive.

With so much uncertainty in the world, doesn’t it feel like a more suitable time than ever to equip yourself with the resources that can provide the best results?  There is no comparing facility support to a licensed, empathetic caregiver in your own home. The quality of care is, of course, vastly superior.  But more than that, the quality of life itself benefits immeasurably from being in a comfortable, familiar environment.

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There is no greater pain than being separated from your loved ones, and the knowledge that they are sequestered away without access to the outside world.  Our relationships with our family and friends define us, fortify our strength and joy.  Without these connections, it is easy to slip into profound sadness and despair.

But for those who need the care and attention of professionals, how else to attend to them?  Well, the answer is clear: Family Best Care!
Our team of skilled and proficient caregivers is trained with the latest policies and is familiar with all the most updated CDC guidelines.  Their prowess and tools can facilitate peace of mind for you that your loved ones are totally safe and being provided with the utmost care in the comfort of their own home.  This means that you, too, will be able to access them and maintain this vital connection.

Home has always been where the heart is, and now it can be a sanctuary from COVID-19 as well. Secure your family and friends the care that they need, in the privacy of their own home.  In doing so you afford them not only optimal service and assistance provided by Family Best Care, but you make it possible to maintain your connection and sacred bond.

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It’s no secret that in-home care is a sustainable and optimal choice for ensuring your loved ones receive the attention and support that they need.  But have you considered that now is an especially relevant time to consider services like ours?  With the lingering reality of COVID-19 ever-present, here are some considerations:

  1. Safety: Ensuring that your most vulnerable loved ones can relax in the comfort of their own home and minimizing the number of people they interact with is paramount to facilitating their continued well-being and safety.
  2. Consistency: Having a failsafe, trusted caregiver for all of your needs not only provides peace of mind, but an assurance of competence.  With Family Best Care, you can be confident that your provider is well-versed in the unique intricacies required to provide the care and attention your loved ones need and deserve.
  3. Comfort: Now, more than ever, this is paramount.  What could possibly be more ideal than the joy of living and enjoying your own home, knowing that you are safe and sound? This is a gift to your friends and family that cannot be replaced with any other factor.
  4. Family Ties: The ability to be near your loved ones, and afford them more time with those they love (rather than being sequestered away in a facility) is an immeasurable gift, now more than ever.  Let us help you keep them close!
  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing you are safe, and you know who the caregivers are. 

The threat of the virus remains very much central to how we make our decisions now, and perhaps for years to come.  Now is the time to make the decisions that will enact the most likely successes and peace of mind.  Family Best Care is here to support you, guide you and sustain your most valuable and treasured resources. Let us help you provide those that matter most with the care that will afford them the greatest opportunity to thrive. There is too much at stake not to.

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Family.  What is it all about? Relationships. 

Many words come to mind when we posit on how to articulate the meaning of family.  Closeness, bonding, togetherness, trust, memories.  Family Best Care strongly believes in family values and strives to maintain the relational aspect of family by providing a peaceful home and friendly environment that nourishes our clients’ needs.  In doing so, we are able to dramatically improve their quality of life

And what of the meaning of life?  We believe that life is a beautiful thing, the quality of which should be preserved.  But for all its value, worth and importance it is also delicate and fragile; therefore, it requires meticulous detailed care and attention. Often the small things make the most impact. An act of love, a gesture of kindness, an attitude of gratefulness, tenderness in our touch- these and so many other little details are the ways in which we honor and revere the sanctity of life through our work. We care, we feel, we love.

What then is the consequence of a life well-lived?  Joy, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Family Best Care helps create a joyful experience by adding quality to life. We take the worry off of your hands, the burden off of your shoulders and the load off of your feet. Contact us today and experience joyful care!

We are here for you.  If there are any needs we can help facilitate for you, please contact us today at (425) 647- 8510.

Exploring The In-Home Care Difference

You may be wondering, “What IS In-home care?  How does it differ from traditional medical care?”

Well, first and foremost, In-home care is not medical care.  Rather, it includes assistance with all activities of daily living (known as ADLs), both those vital and necessary as well as pertinent to social life and happiness.

There are many reasons that people elect to hire an In-home care provider, but here are the most consistent ones that we hear from our clients:

1. Your home is your sanctuary and represents what is familiar and comfortable.  The ease of being able to remain in your trusted, familiar environment is worth its weight in gold.

2. Having a 1-on-1 care provider who is just there for you and only you, to provide emotional support and help with all your needs and unique challenges is absolutely priceless.  The peace of mind provided cannot be compared!

3. In-home care provides a consistency that cannot be matched.  Having an organized agency with systems in place for optimizing care efficiency takes the burden of having to figure out logistics off of your shoulders and simply makes life easier.

Talk with us today about how we can best serve your needs.

Family Best Care- Caring Like Family.


When a family needs respite care, it can become emotionally draining to take care of another, bringing stress, instability, and lack of care for the self to all involved in the caregiving process.
Family Best Care offers affordable care options that cater to family caregivers.
For one day each week, we provide you 24 hours to replenish, rejuvenate, and take care of all tasks and errands that get neglected when your loved ones become your priority. also has hourly options that can offer temporary a la carte relief once a week or even once a month.
Our goal is to bring awareness to families who are the primary caregivers for their loved ones, letting them know that there is understanding, community, and help out there; you do not have to do it all alone.
Please visit us at to explore more of our mission and offerings regarding how we care like family.

Navigating the Landscape of At-Home Care

Caring for loved ones at home is no easy feat. It involves plenty of hands-on work, time, and energy, but what often goes by the wayside is the understanding of the emotional and organization management also required. 
At-home caregivers can often feel isolated, so it’s important to acknowledge that while each situation is unique, there are also common experiences to connect through and learn from. Navigating the murky landscape of caregiving can be illuminated with shared, foundational strategies:
  • Establish roles: While it may seem obvious, determining roles and responsibilities of all parties involved, including those being cared for, establishes expectations and creates avenues for communication. 
  • Outline all needs, being sure to prioritize what are absolute musts: It is inevitable that in the day-to-day act of caregiving, uncontrollable elements such as time and circumstances will throw wrenches into routines and expectations. Identify bottom-line needs and find room to flex and adjust as needed. 
  • Schedule breaks and space: Caregiving can be exhausting. As the old flight adage goes, you must put your oxygen map on before putting on anyone else’s. Ensure that you as the caregiver are meeting your own needs, taking plenty of breaks and space to do so. 
  • Ask for help: In order to care for yourself alongside who you are caring for while also navigating any and all bumps that will come up, you will need to plan on asking for help. Whether it’s physical help, emotional support, or resource connection, identify who and where you can turn to, and plan on turning there often. 

Ensuring Efficiency in Care

Timing is crucial when it comes to thoughtful and thorough caregiving. We pride ourselves on how quickly we respond to clients’ issues and concerns, no matter what they may be. When the care of your loved one is managed by a responsible team, you can rest easy and free up energy to focus elsewhere.


We come to your home prepared and ready to start our work. All supplies needed have been accounted for, and we are aware of needs and considerations to best do our job. This allows us to dive right into care without having to waste time getting organized.


Another way we address timeliness when it comes to care includes checking in to ensure we are meeting your needs. Frequent and consistent check-ins allow us to shape our care along with inevitably changing requirements. Instead of making assumptions, we save time by keeping lines of communication open.


It is our core mission to respond quickly to our clients’ issues and concerns. When your care is managed by a team, you can stay at ease, knowing that your loved one is in caring hands.