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Caring Like Family

Offering home care services to help your loved ones rediscover a higher quality of life in the greater Seattle Area.

Schedule a free consultation to get your customized care plan.

Caring Like Family

Offering home care services to help your loved ones rediscover a higher quality of life in the greater Seattle Area.

Schedule a free consultation to get your customized care plan.

We help your loved ones restore independence
and gain a higher quality of life

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What Our Community Is Saying

“Family Best Care takes their responsibilities seriously and comes through every time, which is something our families and residents expect of us. Having them a phone call away in a pinch takes away some of the stress that staffing can bring.”

Brandon Dalke
Executive Director of Peters Creek Retirement and Assisted Living

“Abigael [owner] has been a fantastic resource for direction and care for our family. I’m very happy to refer her to anyone that is needing care for an older family member, post-pregnancy care, or help after an operation.”

Jeff M.

“I used Family Best Care service for a couple of days only after my mom’s knee surgery. We were expecting a much longer recovery but my mom was able to recover faster. They were flexible on the schedule and always really friendly to attend to our needs. What I liked the most was their customer service and how friendly they were. Even though we didn’t end up using their service for long, I was really happy for their help.”

Fernanda M.

“We used Family Best Care for almost two years for my elderly mother who was in a wheelchair and had dementia. Mom’s care started out as part-time and then became 24/7. Abigael (the owner) did whatever it took to make sure that we were all happy with the caregivers and to ensure we always had coverage – even if that meant taking care of Mom herself (which she did a few times when a caregiver couldn’t make it). We had one caregiver who became part of our family and there absolutely couldn’t be anyone better. I want her to take care of me when I get older! We hit gold when we found Family Best Care!”

Laurie K.

“We have used Family Best Care for three-hour shifts twice weekly and even used them for 24-hour live-in care when it was necessary for me to travel cross-country. It’s a big deal to feel confident and comfortable that your loved one is in capable, caring hands when you need to be away.”

Jo-Lynn J.

“The care we received from Family Best Care was exceptional. Abigael was there for us from the beginning. We needed help right away, and she not only came to the rescue but did so with grace and compassion. I truly believe that Rosa and Elenoa (my Mom’s primary caregivers) were guardian angels sent to help my family through this incredibly difficult time. I absolutely could not have made it through the sadness, difficult work, and long wait without them. They cared for my mom and me as if we were family. I will be eternally grateful, and I will never forget them.”

Jodi L.

“Family Best Care has been working with my mother for the past two years now and I must say the service has been great. Monday through Friday of each week, we can be sure that Mom has someone to talk to, help her with laundry and household tasks, along with going on long walks. As an added benefit, the owner of the company takes time out of her busy schedule on a regular basis to take Mom for a cup of coffee or on small outings. These trips help keep Mom active and engaged in life outside the home. She loves it!”

Richard G.

“Jeanine, thank you again for your advice. You were so helpful when we were clueless about the severity of Dad’s condition. Your gentle questions were able to get us around to 24/7 care. Dad felt take care of during his last days. And he got to die in place, which was very important to him. Thank you for your service! How will they find anyone to replace you?”


The Family Best Care Difference


Our care method is centered around relationships. We treat everyone involved—the patient, family members, and friends—with the same level of care we would want for our own loved ones.


Like family, we answer the phone when you call—no matter the day of the week or the time of day. Our care plans are flexible to accommodate the parts of life that are difficult to predict. When you need us, we are on our way.


You love your home, and with our care, you won’t need to leave it. We make it possible to receive care without extended time away from the people and places that bring you joy, comfort, and peace.


As a small family-owned business, we are closely connected to our community in Seattle, Bellevue, King County, and South Snohomish County. Providing care to our neighbors is one of the biggest joys we get from our work.

What Kind of Care Does My Family Member Need?

Explore Our Services

Home Care

For those family members who need help for just a few hours a day with tasks like making appointments, taking medication, and engaging in hobbies.

Live-In 24/7 Care

For loved ones who need around-the-clock care, our live-in caregivers will be by their side 24/7.

Post-Operative Care

For those who need temporary care while recovering from an operation or childbirth.

Specialized Care

For loved ones experiencing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or terminal illness, we can provide specialized non-medical care.

Other Services Include:

Companionship & Safety
Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping


Ambulation Assistance
Oral Care
Safety Measures
Pet Care

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