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We Work Hard So You Don’t Have To

Caregiving is an act of love and respect. Here at Family Best Care we recognize how challenging and stressful providing quality care can be for family members. That’s why we offer a variety of services from basic household assistance like meal prep and running errands to senior services like hospice care and respite services. We specialize in dealing with elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia and only employ qualified professionals with years of caregiving experience.

Regardless of what your home care needs are, Family Best Care has the services to keep your loved one thriving. Whether it’s help with transportation to appointments, medicine distribution, personal hygiene assistance, or simple companionship, Family Best Care has you covered. Our family of caregivers are more than in-home care professionals, they’re your support system!

With one phone call, you can speak to a knowledgeable care manager and receive the information you are looking for. By calling 425-647-8510, we can get you started on your home care journey. We offer same-day appointments (we will come to you!) and can have a caregiver in your home the very next day. At Family Best Care our goal is to treat your family like our own and reduce the stress of caring for your loved ones.

Let us handle the day to day care needs so that you can continue to enjoy your time with your family.


Can Your Team Be Trusted? Ours Can!

We’re rarely more vulnerable than when we’re ill or age begins to “catch up” with us. In your times of need, do you have trusted individuals that you know will show up and provide quality assistance? With Family Best Care, you’ll have the peace of mind that your team can always be trusted to be by your side when care is needed.

We strive to provide you with quality, high-end personal and home care services that will allow you to spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time enjoying your day-to-day activities. Our services range from personal care (bathing, showering, dressing and grooming) to home care (grocery shopping, helping with errands, cleaning, assistance with personal travel and home projects), so you’ll never have to worry about if your needs will be able to be met. We set our standards high and aim to ensure a better life lived. Stop guessing if you’ll have the right care in your times of need and call Family Best Care. They can always be trusted to show up and help out!


Family Best Care Fits Your Life!

We all need support at some point in our lives. We rely on each other for physical, mental, and emotional support when times are tough. Offering support is not only a form of caring; it’s also necessary in order to maintain balance in a system. At Family Best Care, we want to be that crutch that you can lean on whenever you or a loved one needs a little extra support. We’re an organization aimed at helping and relieving any stress that comes with the responsibility of caring for family, and just like you, we understand the challenges that accompany that.

Why choose Family Best Care in your time of need? The answer is simple – we fit your life! We provide home care, so you or your loved one can receive the attention you need in the comfort of familiar surroundings. We offer great options, so you can structure your care YOUR way. Plus, once your team is established, you’ll work with a set group of caretakers so there’s no need to reiterate your needs and preferences over and over. Family Best Care provides the kind of service that engenders trust and comfort. Call us today to discuss ways we can help support you or a loved one!



Why Choose Family Best Care

At Family Best Care, we strive to do more than simply provide quality home care. We offer compassion, preserve dignity and work hard to build trust with our clients and their families. These core values guide our working principles every day.

At Family Best Care, it’s our number one goal to ensure you’re getting the utmost-qualified caregiving professionals for all of your needs. We believe the top reasons for choosing Family Best Care can be summed up in our 3 primary values:

  1. The People
  2. The Culture
  3. Family Mentality

We make it a priority to ensure that those in need are not only professionally taken care of, but also accepted and treated just like family. Our staff is comprised of professionally registered nurses, home-care aids, and live-in caregivers who are rigorously screened and ready to meet your specific needs.

Our belief is that a positive culture plays a key role in the health and well-being of everyone around. To put this into practice, we’ve created a culture of community where each person’s unique personality and individual nature is celebrated – for both patients and staff members. We understand that every family has unique and different needs and we go above-and-beyond in offering personalized help.

Finally, we treat every patient as if they are family members. We give your family the same loving care we’d lavish on our own parents, siblings, or children.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation with an experienced care specialist who will help determine what’s right for your needs or visit to learn more.


Our Family of Caregivers Become Your Family’s Support

Home Care

Caregiving is an act of love and respect. Here at Family Best Care we recognize how challenging and stressful providing quality care can be for family members. That’s why we offer a variety of services from basic household assistance like meal prep and running errands to senior services like hospice care and respite services. We specialize in dealing with elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia and only employ qualified professionals with years of caregiving experience.

Regardless of what your home care needs are, Family Best Care has the services to keep your loved one thriving. Whether it’s help with transportation to appointments, medicine distribution, personal hygiene assistance, or simple companionship, Family Best Care has you covered. Our family of caregivers are more than in-home care professional, they’re your support system!


Your Parents And Our Wonderful Care

We know that parents are some of the most important people in any individual’s life. So finding the right caretaker for them as they age is a challenging job. While all home care providers offer services designed to make your life easier, the Family Best Care team is comprised of qualified professionals with years of caregiving experience. We have registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, home care aides and live-in caregivers on staff — all licensed by the state of Washington and screened twice for security.


Before anyone becomes part of our team, they also undergo a rigorous selection process that includes an evaluation of their sincerity and desire to care for others. We expect and train our staff to look beyond medical challenges — and see patients as members of our extended family.


You can have peace of mind knowing that everyone at Family Best Care takes great pride in providing care and services that improve the lives of our clients. Whether you need continual support with home activities or short-term help during a recovery period, we will be with you, every step of the way.

When To Pick Up The Phone And Talk To An In-home Care Specialist


Deciding when to talk to a professional about in-home care for an elderly or ailing loved one can be difficult. While some people like to discuss options well before any assistance is needed, most individuals wait until the need for help is clear. If your loved one displays any of the following traits, it’s time to pick up the phone and talk to an in-home care specialist.

1. Your loved one has unexplained injuries or falls frequently.
2. Health issues are becoming increasingly problematic.
3. Your family member has a major shift in personality. This can indicate underlying mental health issues.
4. Their home is extremely messy. This may mean they are having difficulty completing basic daily tasks.
5. Your loved one is making increased demands on your time and you know you will not be able to fully support their needs.

While the decision to bring in a home care specialist can be difficult and stressful, the assistance they provide is often a godsend for family members that are struggling to maintain the level of care needed by their loved one. If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, please reach out for help. Family Best Care is here to provide care and support.


Signs That Your Parents Are Ready For Care


As our loved ones age, they may face frailty, memory loss or chronic diseases and lose their independence over time. Everyday tasks such as cooking, running errands or bathing can become increasingly difficult. Home care services can help an older adult maintain his or her safety and well-being, while simultaneously preserving his or her independence.

Here are some signs that your loved one may be ready for home care.
1. Increasing Forgetfulness. You might notice that dad is always searching for his car keys or mom has trouble remembering appointments. Though it is natural for older adults to become more forgetful, forgetfulness could also be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.
2. Messy Home. You might notice that the garbage is not being taken out, dishes are left undone or laundry is piling up. A messy home may indicate that activities of daily living such as cooking and cleaning have become too difficult for your loved one to manage.
3. Poor Hygiene. You might notice that mom is no longer taking care of herself or dad hasn’t brushed his teeth in a few days. Poor hygiene could be the result of mild cognitive impairment or other conditions, including challenges with mobility or coordination.
4. Falls or Injuries. You might notice bruising and other discoloration even though your loved one won’t admit to falling. Frequent falls could be a sign that your loved one has diminished motor skills, has difficulty walking or balancing, or suffers from vertigo or nausea. A caregiver could provide mobility support and help monitor other symptoms to reduce fall risk.
5. Social Isolation. You might notice that your parents no longer make any trips out of the house, keep up with friends or go for walks around the neighborhood. Social isolation can have many causes, but it could be a sign that your parents are having difficulty managing their declining conditions and are afraid to ask for help.
6. Health Issues. If a loved one took a long time to recover from his or her most recent illness or currently has a progressive or chronic health condition, home care could help by monitoring conditions.

Of course, you’re the best judge of when your family member may need additional assistance. Trust your gut instinct and reach out for help as soon as you recognize the need.


Why It’s Important to Know How to Find the Right Caregiver

holding hands
Often times, when a loved one is ill or in need of round-the-clock home care, family members within the household take on the responsibility. However, especially when long-term care is needed, such an arrangement can induce strain on family relationships and general stress within the household. The type of strain that wouldn’t be a factor if the care was being provided by a paid professional.

Finding the right caregiver for your loved one can make a major difference in your quality of life.  A well-qualified caregiver can give you piece of mind that your loved one’s needs are being met on a regular basis while allowing you more time to deal with work, social, and personal tasks. Furthermore, the right caregiver will bring specialized skills to the table, allowing your loved one to receive aspects of care you may not be able to provide personally. Most importantly, the right caregiver fits into your life smoothly. They respect your time, familial ties, and preferences in a way that leaves you feeling secure and comfortable in their care.

At the end of the day, the right caregiver makes life easier for their charge and the family as a whole. That’s why it’s important to know how to find the right caregiver for your needs. Luckily, finding the right caregiver only requires a few simple steps. Review our previous post for a few easy tips to follow to find the ideal caregiver.

How To Find the Right Caregiver for the Home Care Needs

The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver is a guide to help you understand the process of hiring caregivers whether you choose to use an agency like Family Best Care or hire directly. Get your copy on Amazon.



Finding the right caregiver can seem like a daunting task, but once found caregivers often eliminate many of the stresses of caring for an elderly or ailing loved one. However, finding the right caregiver presents its own set of trials and can be confusing the first time around.


Here are a few steps to help you find the caregiver that right for you:
1. Determine your needs and preferences.
The first step to finding the right caregiver is assessing your home care needs and preferences. Home care can take a variety of forms – personal care, household care, health care, and emotional care. Deciding where you need help will aid you in getting the kind of caregiver you need. Are you looking for assistance with personal care like bathing, eating, and toileting or do you need someone with household care skills like cooking, cleaning, and laundry? Furthermore, what preferences does your loved one have regarding the gender, cultural background, and age of the caregiver?
2. Know your financial obligations and forecast the care progression.
Once you’ve accessed your needs and preference, take the time to familiarize yourself with your budget and financial obligations. Hiring a caregiver often means you’re responsible for handling tax related issues as well as benefits. Be sure you’re clear on what’s expected of you before hiring help. Furthermore, determining the expected length and progression of care can help you be prepared to adjust your budget should timelines or care requirements change.
3. Craft a thorough job description and clearly communicate your needs to prospective caregivers.
Once you’ve accessed your needs and preference and made sure you’re aware for your financial obligations, take the time to write out a job description that clearly articulates the tasks you’re seeking help with. Be sure to include important factors like language skills, the ability to work specialized equipment, work hours, and expected pay rate. This way your applicants have a solid understanding of the position and you won’t need to waste time constantly answering basic questions about the job.
4. Locate resources in your community
Many communities have local resources that can assist you in finding in-home care or will allow you to post your newly crafted job listing. Identify sources that you can utilize throughout your search and refer to them regularly.
5. Interview your applicants
While you don’t have to hold face-to-face interviews with every person who applies for the job, you should always screen the individuals under consideration before offering them the job. Be sure to discuss expectations from both sides (the applicant and the hirer), and include questions that give you a peek into how well the caregiver is likely to fit in within your home environment. Be sure to inquire about special skills, standard work hours, holiday coverage, and anything else you believe to be important.
6. Do your due diligence
Once you’ve narrowed down your applicant pool to the top 1-3 choices, you may want to follow up with their references, check their licenses, and do a general background check. Don’t be afraid to dismiss candidates whose history raises red flags for you.
7. Hire carefully and follow up
Once you’ve hired your preferred candidate, spend the first couple of weeks monitoring their work and providing feedback. They can’t be the best caretaker for you if you don’t tell them how!


Following these few simple steps will help you find a responsible home caregiver with minimal frustration. If the process still seems daunting and confusing, check out Abigael’s easy-to-understand guide, The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver (available on Amazon). Her e-book guides readers through the entire process, from determining their needs and priorities to attracting, vetting and selecting caregiver candidates. She also includes helpful questions to ask during interviews and screening, sample documents to use and much more. She lays out the entire process for you, all you have to do is follow the steps!