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Family Dimensions: When it’s time to help your parents


There is nothing more cherishing than the unconditional love and deep bond we share with our parents. The same people that brought us to existence, nurtured us and raised us to be confident in who we’ve become. It’s only natural for us to show the same love and care in return. As life takes us through the many phases and stages of growth, we encounter new understandings and at times we face difficult obstacles. Taking care of our parents can be one of those experiences. It’s expected to feel the need and desire to show that same unconditional love and care that we’ve received; yet we also recognize the difficulties in doing so. Family Best Care offers professional services in making quality decisions that will benefit the health and well being of your parents so that your able to omit that unnecessary stress from your life and enjoy the journey alongside them. Our team of certified professionals here at Family Best Care show dedication in offering the utmost quality services showcasing our integrity while developing trust with our clients. Browse our highly extensive and numerous home care services and allow us to listen, understand and support the journey of life.


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Saving your strength to give your most

Save strength

Family is a part of life and contributes to your life in both positive and negative ways. We understand how time consuming and draining it can be to tend to family and the individual needs of each member. As author and family man Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” But the effort cannot always be a one-person feat.

As with any machine, the sum of its parts are bigger than the whole. At Family Best Care, it is our goal to make sure you don’t spread your self too thin, as it is so easily done, due to our negligence in taking care of ourselves when tending to others.

Out of the plethora of services that we provide, our respite service care is specifically designed to provide you with short-term care of a love one allowing temporary relief as way to consider permanent placement in a facility outside of the home.

It’s not always easy taking care of loved ones 24/7, but when the proper assistance is available, it is that much easier to preserve your strength and replenish your energy so that you are able to continue giving. Take a look at our website for more information:


Hiring Caregivers the Right Way

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From day one you’re born into a family that you grow up understanding and developing relationships and connections with. This is a lifetime process that is specific to each individual’s personality, needs and desires. It’s no joke when they say that ‘family is forever’. So doesn’t that make you wonder how someone outside of your familial circle can step in and assist as a caregiver? How can someone who has never grown up in your family understand the specificities of each family member and the functionality of your family as a unit? That’s where I’ve spent hours in researching the qualifications of a caregiver that you can trust and that shows compassion and consistency in their work ethic and passion. I’m very happy to introduce to you my new e-book, The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver, which encompasses the process of searching for the perfect caregiver that not only helps assist you and your loved ones, but also puts your mind at ease knowing that you find security and comfort in their performance.


The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver by Family Best Care


Help is best given by those who care, hence the term caregiver. But how do you know who’s qualified and why? Who will provide you the support you specifically need? There are many things to account for when choosing the right caregiver for you and your family and we understand how intimidating it may be to trust someone outside of your familial circle. We all have particularities and specificities when it come to taking care of one another and it is a very time-consuming and engaging process to not only teach someone those ways but also to make sure they understand which methods and practices function best and why. That is why we have put together our minds in creating an informational book that will assist you in knowing and understanding the ultimate assets in caregiving. Check out our e-book, The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver, available on beginning Monday, April 13th.


High-end care for a life well lived



Family is everything. It’s the care package you received as a college student during finals week, it’s the bouquet of flowers you received from your parents when you were just about to give up on V-day, it’s the warm, delicious meal set on the table when you arrive home from work and it’s the giggles and hugs you get from your children when you need them the most. These little selfless acts release that energy to help you find the meaning within life. But it also takes time, effort and energy, the input, in order to receive this type of output.

At, we realize just that and our goal is to provide you with quality, high-end personal and home care services that will allow you to spend less time sweating the small stuff, and spend more time enjoying all of the memorable moments with the ones you love most. Our services range from personal care such as bathing, showering, assistance with commode, dressing and grooming, all the way to home care such as grocery shopping, helping with errands, cleaning, assistance with personal travel and home projects. We set our standards high and aim to complete many more client-based requests at the scope of our practice, as our goal is to ensure a better life-lived. Providing services to Medina, Mercer Island, Enatai, Bellevue and great Seattle Homes, we have created our standards to deliver high-end, detail-oriented services that will not only accomplish your tasks at hand, but will also leave you in a state of relief and absolute comfort.


Accepting help in the 11th hour

When it comes to family, we hold these eternal bonds glued together by our emotions. And more often than not, these emotions dictate the driving force of the relationships we have with one another. In taking care of the household and family members, it is so very easy to fall into the mentality of ‘I can take care of it myself’ or rather feeling that the responsibility of taking care of everyone is placed on you, due to your family ties, especially during the 11th hour. The pressure of the responsibility can either make you or break you causing strain on your relationships as well. That is why it is important to understand that asking for help at Family Best Care bears no shame or reflection of failure. It simply means that a situation is better solved collectively. In a position where you find yourself asking for help during the last minute, you are realizing the complexity of an issue and ensuring the best possible outcome.

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Finding the Right Respite Care in the New Year


First, we would to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year! This celebration is a time to reflect on the choices we’ve made over the last 12 months and beyond. It’s an opportunity to consider what has worked for us and what can be improved. We can safely ask ourselves, what changes can I make to improve the quality of life for me and my family?

If we’re dealing with a loved one who needs consistent care and attention, this time gives us permission to consider alternative options. Perhaps this is the time we consider respite care. Respite care is the short-term accommodation of a loved one in a facility outside the home. It provides temporary relief to those who are caring for family members, who might otherwise need to consider permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

Caring for our loved ones can be draining and it’s best to preserve our strength and accept appropriate help before drastic measures are needed. Allow us to help you find the right respite care for your loved one so everyone can rejoice in the fresh start of a new year.


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Your Role in Reducing Domestic Violence

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Did you know that 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in her lifetime?* An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. This means we all know many, many women who are part of this statistic. The effects of witnessing domestic violence as a child ripple through adulthood. Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults. What can we do to prevent the perpetuation of this destructive behavior?

Victims of such abuse can easily become disempowered and isolated. Finding the strength and courage to remove oneself from a scary situation can seem impossible when doing it alone. When we hear of a friend or an acquaintance in such a situation, we all have the choice to either help them find safety or look the other way. We each get to choose how much of our own energy we want to put into helping others. From offering a listening ear, to dialing the hotline number, or to bringing them into your home, there’s a lot we can each do to provide necessary support for the millions in need. So, who would you like to be today: The ignorant bystander or the timely hero?

*Source of statistics: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Family Fun during the Holidays

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One of the best parts about the holidays is the amount of free time that becomes available and we want to help you make the most of it! Schools are on break and valuable time off is awarded from work. Although we may be on vacation mode, life goes on as usual. Errands still need to be run, meals to orchestrate, and those in recovery still need their care.

Rather than worry about making sure you get everything done, we want you to enjoy this special time of year by having fun with your family. There’s shopping to do, ice rinks to skate, movies to see, food to eat, games to play and so much more! So make the most of the holidays and leave the stressful, boring stuff to us so you can go have fun with your family.


Help and Support during the Holiday Season

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November is upon us so let the madness of the holidays begin! This is a time of year for gathering together with loved ones and showing them we care. Though not everyone can make the treks to the holiday parties, we believe everyone deserves a piece of the holiday pie. Family Best Care is driven to bring the holiday cheer to those who need it most. We care for our clients as if they were our own family. We can assure you, we will bring so much love, care and warmth you won’t feel like you’re celebrating alone.