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Is Home Care for Everyone?

3 Generation family at home

Home care can go a long way in providing support and maintaining independence for a family member. And because it takes many different forms, home care can be tailored to best fit your needs. But what if home care isn’t for your family situation? There are times when it may not be the best choice.

Planning care for your family member can be an overwhelming task. Many individuals who have been thrown into the role of caregiver for a parent or spouse find themselves lost in questions of costs, procedures, security, and more.

Fortunately, Family Best Care is here to accompany you in that difficult time and make the best decision for you and your family member. Our qualified and empathetic staff can help you navigate your options. Want to find out if home care is right for you? Contact us for a free consultation and we can help you decide.


Getting care the right way

We know you care about family, and so do we. Here at Family Best Care we are committed to providing outstanding care and support. Our team of professionals are hired based on their sincerity and desire to care. We see our patients as our family, and that makes the difference when giving the dignified attention need to live happy and fulfilling lives.


No two people are the same and that is why we specifically tailor our wide range of services to our individual clients. Our diverse team is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, homecare aides and live in caregivers, all with years of experience and a passion for helping.


It is not just the lives of our patients that are important to us, we realize that family members and friends can need a little care too, and we create a plan of action that takes everyone into consideration.
So if your loved one is in need of some extra support to enrich their lives, we will always be right there with you, whether it be short term or longer support at home, there is nothing we cannot handle together. Call today for you free consultation.


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Caring is loving

caring is loving

Caring for a family member is arguably the ultimate act of love. However, it can be a round the clock responsibility; physically draining and emotionally demanding, but so many of us do it out of love, duty or responsibility.

Being a care-giver can trigger changes in family relationships. You might be caring for a parent, where roles have reversed completely. Treating a parent like a child in terms of care can be devastating, and it is important not to become overly controlling or make them feel useless.

It is very common to feel a sense of loss. A relationship that once involved traveling together, sleeping together and partying together, changes totally. Managing the loss is important, and changes must be made. Reading together, talking, playing games to keep minds active suddenly become the norm.

Don’t worry, there is help!

At Family Best Care, we understand that dignity, compassion and trust are vital when professional help is needed. We know that you want to care for your family member, but sometimes need a little help, or even some respite to re-charge your batteries and have a rest. We have a range of services to help you, the carer, and your relative.

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Things to seriously consider when choosing a home care company

Selecting the right caregiver
Response time
When you place a call for our services we believe you shouldn’t be left in the dark waiting to make arrangements to speak to us. This is why Family Best Care offer same-day appointments and can even come to you! We can also arrange for a caregiver in your home the very next day.
At Family Best Care we aim to treat your family like our own so we listen to your needs and work hard to place the right caregiver in your home by profiling our caregivers personalities and match making them with yours we can find a perfect match. We like to build a relationship and understand exactly who will be the best fit. Caregivers can be trained, but we add integrity and heart when placing our caregivers with your family.
Forecasting the cost
We at Family Best Care know the importance of making sure that prices are transparent from the very start so that you can plan with a clear outlook for long term.
Family Best Care offers a FREE assessment. Our options vary in price and include In-home personal care, Platinum Care, Senior Service for things like dementia care and end-of-life care, Household Assistance and even New Mom Care.
Consistency and Dependability
This is paramount and we want you to know that at Family Best Care you can rely on us to be there whenever you need someone3. We really are Family Best Care.
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Why Choose Family Best Care?

Geriatric Care
At Family Best Care, it’s our number one goal to ensure you’re getting the upmost-qualified caregiving professionals for all of your needs. We believe that the top reasons to choose family best care falls under our 3 primary values:
  1. The People
  2. The Culture
  3. The Family Orientation.
We make it a priority to ensure that those in need are not only professionally taken care of, but also accepted and treated just like family. Our staff is comprised of professionally registered nurses, home-care aids, and live-in caregivers who are ready to meet your specific needs.
Our belief is that a positive culture plays a key role into the health and well being of everyone around. To put this into practice, we’ve created a culture of community where each person’s unique personalities and individualities are celebrated – for both patients and staff members. We understand that every family has unique and different needs and we go above-and-beyond in offering personalized help – as if the patients are close family members themselves.
Here is a list of our services that sets us apart:
Family Best Care list of services
We invite you to contact us for a free consultation with an experienced care specialist who will help determine what’s right for your needs. Visit to learn more.

The value of home care and a support system.

Home Care

We all need support-we’re human. We rely on each other as well as feed off of each other’s interpersonal relationships. Support is not only a form of caring, coming from others; but it’s also necessary in order to maintain balance in a system. Essentially, it’s assistance needed to enable a function or act. Sometimes it’s easy to forgo any assistance especially for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ type that may feel like aid is a signal of weakness or failure. However, just like any well-operative machine, we need to be ‘maintained’ in order to function at our highest and most optimum abilities. At Family Best Care, we want to be that crutch that you can lean on whenever you choose to lean on us. We’re an organization aimed at helping and relieving any stress that comes with the responsibility of caring for family, and just like you, we understand the challenges that accompany that. Let us help you create an easier situation by improving your life and the lives of your family members through continual support and services giving you the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your family rather than stress over it.


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Signs that your parents are ready for care at home

Home care
Over and over again, we’ll state that family is everything, because it is. They’re your support system, they’re your friends and they’ll always be there. So we understand how hard it is to determine when you need help taking care of them and what the best call is to make. As parents get older, our relationships change as we transition from those two stable pillars that once raised us, to becoming one of those pillars that need to provide that nurturing and assistance. When things become tough to the point where your own daily activities get hindered, that’s when you know the time is right for assistance. Family Best Care provides that assistance that you need with the comfort in knowing that our knowledge of family care is so immense that we are equipped to nurture your parents just as well as you’d expect. Check out our website and learn about all the services we offer to help ease your life and help support a stronger relationship between you and your parents.
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Family Dimensions: When it’s time to help your parents


There is nothing more cherishing than the unconditional love and deep bond we share with our parents. The same people that brought us to existence, nurtured us and raised us to be confident in who we’ve become. It’s only natural for us to show the same love and care in return. As life takes us through the many phases and stages of growth, we encounter new understandings and at times we face difficult obstacles. Taking care of our parents can be one of those experiences. It’s expected to feel the need and desire to show that same unconditional love and care that we’ve received; yet we also recognize the difficulties in doing so. Family Best Care offers professional services in making quality decisions that will benefit the health and well being of your parents so that your able to omit that unnecessary stress from your life and enjoy the journey alongside them. Our team of certified professionals here at Family Best Care show dedication in offering the utmost quality services showcasing our integrity while developing trust with our clients. Browse our highly extensive and numerous home care services and allow us to listen, understand and support the journey of life.


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Saving your strength to give your most

Save strength

Family is a part of life and contributes to your life in both positive and negative ways. We understand how time consuming and draining it can be to tend to family and the individual needs of each member. As author and family man Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” But the effort cannot always be a one-person feat.

As with any machine, the sum of its parts are bigger than the whole. At Family Best Care, it is our goal to make sure you don’t spread your self too thin, as it is so easily done, due to our negligence in taking care of ourselves when tending to others.

Out of the plethora of services that we provide, our respite service care is specifically designed to provide you with short-term care of a love one allowing temporary relief as way to consider permanent placement in a facility outside of the home.

It’s not always easy taking care of loved ones 24/7, but when the proper assistance is available, it is that much easier to preserve your strength and replenish your energy so that you are able to continue giving. Take a look at our website for more information:


Hiring Caregivers the Right Way

happy senior woman in wheelchair outdoors with caring caregiver

From day one you’re born into a family that you grow up understanding and developing relationships and connections with. This is a lifetime process that is specific to each individual’s personality, needs and desires. It’s no joke when they say that ‘family is forever’. So doesn’t that make you wonder how someone outside of your familial circle can step in and assist as a caregiver? How can someone who has never grown up in your family understand the specificities of each family member and the functionality of your family as a unit? That’s where I’ve spent hours in researching the qualifications of a caregiver that you can trust and that shows compassion and consistency in their work ethic and passion. I’m very happy to introduce to you my new e-book, The Art of Finding the Right Caregiver, which encompasses the process of searching for the perfect caregiver that not only helps assist you and your loved ones, but also puts your mind at ease knowing that you find security and comfort in their performance.